It might be time for new or different shoes- Listening to your body

I rarely have pain from running other than occasional soreness in my muscles.  A sure sign to me that I need new shoes is when my shins or knees start to hurt.  I than think about roughly how many miles are on my current running shoes and the mileage is usually pretty high.

How many miles do I typically get from of a pair of shoes?

  • Standard running shoes I would get anywhere from 300-500 typically, depending on the shoe.
  • I typically run in minimalist shoes and I get around 200-300 out of those.

This last week I have had some shin splint pain in my left leg and my knee has been sore.  I totaled up the mileage on my current pair and it is definitely time for some new ones.  Currently I am mostly running in my Saucony Kinvaras and I estimated they had roughly 250 miles on them.  They are minimalist shoes so I don’t get huge miles out of them, but my speed has increased, they are so light and I have no ankle pain in them.  I LOVE them.

The shoes on the left (black) are Saucony Virrata and on the right are Saucony Kinvara 3s.

If you are having pain with new shoes it could very well be that they are the wrong shoes for you.  Not all running shoes are made equally for everyone.  Many running stores have knowledgeable people who can watch you run on a treadmill and help direct you to the right store.  Beware of sales people that are not knowledgable.  I once asked a sales person what the difference was between several different shoes and she told me basically it just depends what color shoe I want?!?!?  Ummmmm no, not so much. also has a GREAT Custom Fit  program and can help you find the best shoe for you without having to go anywhere.  Not to mention these guys know their shoes, so there is no question whether they are recommending shoes for the right reason…not just for color.  Go to the “Custom Fit Process” on here.

How many miles have you been getting out of your shoes?



  1. SKORA Running (@skoraRunning) | 7th Jul 13

    My last pair of shoes lasted me 1100 miles, and the last two pairs before that were about the same. The nice thing about more dense outsoles is that they wear more slowly and more evenly. Thus they last longer and don’t change your footplant while running. Nice gallery of may 1000+ mile SKORA shoes, including a few that approached 2000!

    It pains me when runners use pain as an indication that they need new shoes.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 7th Jul 13

      Wow, I’m really impressed! The hall of fame shoe pics look very well loved. Maybe I need to give a pair of Skora Running shoes a try! I have always heard great things and now I’m even more impressed!

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