10 Thoughts While Running The 2020 Disney World Marathon

thoughts while running a marathon

I have ran the Walt Disney World Marathon many times now, but this past Sunday, while running the 2020 Disney World Marathon for my 7th Dopey Challenge, I had some thoughts run through my mind. Here you go:

  1. It’s 4:58am and we are suppose to start at 5:00am, why haven’t we sang the National Anthem yet?
  2. I wonder what that heck that person was thinking when they decided to wear that wig and huge padded Wreck it Ralph costume in 86 degree whether?
  3. Please let there be cloud cover, please let there be cloud cover…
  4. Where is the breeze we had yesterday for the half marathon?
  5. It is mile 21 and all I hear is sirens. 
  6. That wave pool inside Blizzard Beach sure looks inviting. I wonder if I would get kicked out of the race if I took a quick dip? 
  7. Am I still moving or am I having an out of body experience?
  8. Oh good, I’m at Boardwalk, I’m close enough now that I can just crawl if I need to.
  9. If one more spectator tells me to run faster I might throat punch them.
  10. Where is the CHOIR?!?!?

Anyone else? I am still a perfect Dopey, running the challenge year after year, and I plan on doing it again next year, but I’m not going to lie. The marathon this year was a TOUGH race. Good job out there runners.

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  1. Dwight | 14th Jan 20

    Yes to all of these but also god I’m sweating like soo much!

    Omg! Adventures Club!!!

    Wait did they just shorten the course behind me… where are the balloon ladies… 😳

    Where are the army men?

    Fun post!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 14th Jan 20

      Yes!!! Where WERE the army men??!

  2. Natali | 15th Jan 20

    I was too looking for the army man. I loved the new course though. And the sirens were so sad. I saw a girl getting IV fluids on the side of the road as I ran by her. Best feeling in the world is the boardwalk!
    And yes, this marathon was something else. The traffic to get there too. Insane! Worth every mile and I’m still high from it! First and last dopey!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 15th Jan 20

      It is definitely a really fun race. Awesome job and congrats on Dopey!!

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