Thinking about life…while on an a Southwest flight with wifi

I’m on my way home from Thanksgiving in Florida.  My husband had to head to Chicago for business, so it is just my daughter and I on this flight.  She is sleeping and I just can’t believe how big she is.  She use to curl-up so easily on an airplane seat and now she is half in my lap sleeping.  She will be 4 in March.  She was born a preemie, weighing 3 lbs 15 ozs and the nurses in the NICU called her their pocket baby.  This is the picture I have as my background on my computer.  Where does the time go?


And yes, that is her whole hand wrapped around one of my fingers…my little pocket baby.  I feel so blessed, thankful and amazed all at the same time.  Now…when she wakes up from her nap on this flight and I have my crazy 3.5 year old back it may be a different story 😉


And yes that is a normal size pacifier 😉


  1. Norma Ausejo | 4th Dec 13

    As an ultrasound tech I am forever in awe of life in utero. What a beautiful daughter and what a miracle! You are so blessed!!

  2. Kristen @ The Smith Summary | 4th Dec 13

    Oh my goodness – this is a precious picture!!! Hard to believe how big she is now when she started so small!!!

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