20 Things To Do With Your Kids While Social Distancing

Are you looking for things to do with your kids while you are social distancing? Having schools closed and kids unexpectedly at home can cause a lot of challenges, but finding things to do while staying at home doesn’t have to be the hard part. Here are 20 ideas that allow you to social distance and can help you unplug and have some fun with your family.family crafting

  1. Cook a family recipe together– We all have a favorite family recipe. No time is better than now to make it together and give them a jumpstart on learning how to cook. 
  2. Get out old photos from when you were a child– My daughter always loves to look at old family pictures. Start sharing stories from when you were a child. I wish I had heard more of them about my parents and grandparents. We have a tendency to only remember sad or hard times well, but a photo album can bring you back to happy times.
  3. Make an obstacle course– This doesn’t have to be Ninja Warrior status. Some painters tape on the ground can make a balance beam, cut out pieces of paper for skipping stones, get creative. Make it competitive by timing each trial and trying to improve.
  4. Build a fort– I remember when I was a kid I LOVED building a fort. Putting a sheet over some chairs and I could play in there for hours. 
  5. Tour Museums Virtually I found this amazing link to tour some of the world’s most incredible museums without actually leaving the house. family activities
  6. Do a Puzzle– Word of advice, pick one your whole family can do. I know a 5000 piece puzzle sounds like a good way to kill 2 weeks, but if you have younger kids they will easily get frustrated with the difficulty.
  7. Reading as a family– Whether this is everyone unplugged and reading their own books at the same time or the family reading one book together, either way it is good. Looking for a book together? Did you know Harry Potter offers large illustrated versions?
  8. Make up a dance– With the Tik Tok dance craze, make up a dance of your own! It doesn’t have to be awesome, but it is sure to cause some laughs while you guys are doing it.
  9. Play a board game– Good old fashion board games are a great way to pass the time. We all know a good game of Monopoly can last weeks, probably months right? lol
  10. Watch all the Star Wars movies– What order you watch them in is entirely up to you. If you Google it there are all kinds of theories of which order you should watch them in, so try a new one. 
  11. Spring cleaning– The whole family is home, it’s a great time to start spring cleaning.
  12. “Plan” a dream vacation– Don’t actually book a trip, but this is a great way for kids to learn about a new area. Look up what you would want to do and see in that region and what food is known for the area. 
  13. Break out the soccer ball– Have a soccer ball in your garage still? Kick it around the back yard. You can get in some exercise and it will be a fun outdoor activity for your kids.
  14. Make collages– When I was young I LOVED cutting apart magazines and catalogs and making collages. Depending on the ages of kids it could be anything from things they like, to a vision board. Maybe make a family goals collage?
  15. Family yoga– There are lots of videos on the internet that you can follow. Do some yoga to help everyone relax a little, while moving their bodies. mom and daughter with computer
  16. Picnic in your yard– Remember that you can go outside, you are just staying put and not being around others. Sunlight and fresh air is important for health too. If the weather is good enough where you are have a picnic in your yard. Weather still bad? Throw down a blanket in your living room and have a picnic there. My daughter loves when we do this.
  17. Have it a tea party– Younger kids, and maybe some older ones, would enjoy a fun tea party with the whole family. Put on your fancy clothes and put those pinkies up!
  18. Make an at home movie theater– No going to the movie theater, no problem! Darken all the shades, make some popcorn, and turn on a new flick. Did you know that both Frozen 2 and The Rise of Skywalker were just released early on Disney+?
  19. Charades– Who doesn’t love charades right? But who normally has time to play them? Charades is always good for a laugh.
  20. Craft projects– There are lots of craft project ideas that your kids will love. Here are some ideas. Top 10 Crafts For Kids

Bonus idea! Create your own Lego challenge. Break out all the legos and have each member build a castle, or something of your choosing. Then when you are done, pick a winner. 

I hope you and your family can use this time to have some fun, grow together as a family, and have some laughs in the process.

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