10 Things That Make Runners Grumpy

runners on a roadRunners are generally a very nice group of people, but there are some things that can cause a runner to be downright grumpy. Wondering what it is that can make a runner mad? Here are some running problems that can cause a person to feel less than happy. Without further ado, here are 10 things that make runners grumpy. 

  1. When you buy a new pair of running shoes and a seam isn’t cut right or the insole doesn’t match up perfectly causing a blister. Always a bummer when new running shoes end up causing pain.
  2. When someone who doesn’t run at all, and isn’t a doctor, lectures us on how bad running is for your body. Ummm no. Next.
  3. Chafing. No explanation needed. Never fun.
  4. When someone tells us about their uncle who ran a marathon, but it was actually a 5k. 
  5. When you trip over something like a crack in sidewalk or a road reflector and you end up skidding along the pavement. And then you have to run home while dripping blood.
  6. When running a race a group of people run/walking across the entire course making it really hard to pass. If you are walking, always stay to the right and no more than two abreast.


  7. People not picking up their dogs poop and leaving it along a trail or sidewalk. 
  8. Really windy running conditions. When it comes to race day, 30mph winds is never fun and is usually quite miserable.
  9. When a race course isn’t clearly marked. Most races mark their courses well, but occasionally something goes wrong and runners end up running longer or shorter then they need to because it isn’t well marked. 
  10. When someone is spectating a race and smoking right along side the course. No one wants to smell or breathe that. 

Do you have other things that make you grumpy? Leave a comment below and let’s vent together. 


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