The Whole Me

This post was created in partnership with Stonyfield Organic and Prana.  All opinions are always my own. 

A topic I often discuss is “Me Time”.  Running is a huge part of my me time, but what is even more important is the “whole me”.  I found over the last year that I am spread so thin I am rarely ever the “whole me” at any one time.  I may be with my daughter, but my brain is going over a thousand things I need to do.  While running I am mentally writing what I want my research paper for school to be about.  When cooking dinner I am also helping my daughter with homework, making the to-do list for the next day, face timing with my husband on business, and trying to log into my virtual classroom.  I realized that I am much better at everything when I focus my time.  I get more accomplished and do a better job when it is the “whole me”.  

Part of the “whole me” though is the “me time”.  Once a week I take time out that isn’t for anyone, but myself.  It may only be a half hour once a week, but it is important.  I put on comfy clothes.  (How cute is this Liana sweater from Prana.  The color is called Bora Bay and just that name alone helps me feel at peace!) I relax and read for fun or just lay in the sun and appreciate the nature around me.  

Right now I am chipping away at the book “The Kindness Diaries”.  I bring a snack out with me, usually a Stonyfield Organic yogurt parfait because it is wholesome and delicious.  It feels decadent, but I know the ingredients are good.  I feel more centered when I get this time and I can focus my attention.

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Do you try to work on the “whole you”?


  1. sarah@creatingbettertomorrow | 10th May 17

    I’ve recently really really started focusing on my mental and emotional self care…it has been a #GAMECHANGER for me as a mother!

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