The Ultimate Guide For Traveling With Pets

Traveling can be quite overwhelming, to begin with, but when you’re planning to travel with your pet the stressful feelings can be even stronger. Traveling with a pet is a fabulous way to experience new cultures and regions with your beloved fur baby. While this may sound like a fun adventure, there are some things to think about when it comes to traveling with your pet. You will need to follow some tips to make sure that your pet is safe and tended to during your travel plans as they venture out into the world with you as a travel partner. Boston terrier with wings

The Ultimate Guide For Traveling With A Pet

Boston Terrier Gus
Gus Gus on the pet friendly patio of the Hard Rock Cafe.

We travel often with our little Boston Terrier Gus Gus. We have been traveling with him since he was a little puppy, so he is experienced and use to is, but if your pet is older and you haven’t traveled a lot, you will want to take some extra precautions.

traveling with a dog

Prepare your Pet

Take some short trips with your pet so that they’re more prepared for a long drive while traveling with you. It’s best to get your pet prepared for the car and what’s involved with traveling in a vehicle with its owner before you venture out on a long drive with a pet who’s clueless about what is expected of them during this experience.

Prepare a Crate

Depending on the size of the dog, you may need to involve a crate. If you’re traveling with your pet and they need to go in a crate such as when air travel is your form of transportation to travel, then prepare the crate. Get your pet used to their crate and make sure it’s comfortable for their long flight. Make sure there’s a frozen water bottle in the crate so that your pet won’t get overheated during the wait for air travel departure or while in your vehicle traveling. Be sure to consult your vet! Dog with wings

Find Out Pet Rules

Figure out what the rules are for pets wherever you’re traveling to. This includes pet-friendly accommodations and rules like what type of proof of vaccines you must carry on you to show that your pet has updated vaccines and anything else that may pertain to traveling with your pet to a new state, region or country. Some places have rules about pets having to be quarantined before they are allowed in. 

Invest in Accessories

You’ll want to buy some accessories that help make traveling with your pet easier on both you and your furry friend. Items like a collapsible water bowl, food dish, treats, food, toys and other accessories that will make your pet comfortable for the long flight or drive will be well worth your investment to ensure your pet is happy while they’re enjoying this trip with you.

Gus on lawn of Baltimore Estate
Gus Gus relaxing on the lawn of the Biltmore Mansion in South Carolina.

Keep Pet Safe

Do not allow your pet to ride on your lap or hang half of its body out the window of a vehicle while traveling with on a long drive. This could cause accidents and injury to both your pet and others if you’re not making safe decisions for your pet. There are pet seat belts and carriers to help keep your pet restrained while driving, but they aren’t necessary if you have other means to keep your pet safe and secure inside of your vehicle while traveling.

When it comes to traveling with your pet it’s such a wonderful experience to enjoy new cultures, people and locations with your furry little friend. Your pet will enjoy seeing new places and enjoying the attention they get at new places all over the world when you opt to travel with your pet by car, train or even air. This ultimate guide for traveling with your pet will help both of you stay safe and have the adventure of your life while you witness the beauty that is traveling with your pet. Gus Gus loves new adventures with us, but that doesn’t mean he gets anxiety every now and then when we are in a new place he is unsure of. Be aware of how your pet is feeling about he situation and be flexible with your plans.

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