The Perfect Snack For An Energy Boost

snack_for_energy_boostWhen I’m logging a lot of miles I want a snack that is going to make a difference and help fill me up without being packed full of empty calories.  I have discovered Plenti Yogurt and it is amazing for a variety of reasons.  Plenti is Greek yogurt with whole grain oats, flax & pumpkin seeds and delicious fruit mixed right in.  It has protein to help my muscle recovery, carbs to help give me energy, it is filling and satisfying, and most of all it is delicious.

greek_yogurt_with_flaxIt is called Pleni for a reason.  It’s Greek yogurt filled with more of the good stuff – wholesome ingredients and protein.  It starts with Yoplait Greek Yogurt, a good source of calcium and vitamin D. Then they add just the right amount of hearty ingredients. Packed full of goodness, Plentí is a healthy, high-protein snack. A full life requires a fulfilling snack. No one has time for an energy dip. Plentí stays with you. It’s substantial and satisfying—an energy booster. Now you can keep going and have a truly plentiful day.  Plenti Yogurt is also gluten free.

plenti_yogurtThey have 8 flavors to choose from: 
Plentí – Black Cherry
Plentí – Blueberry
Plentí – Coconut
Plentí – Peach
Plentí – Raspberry
Plentí – Spiced Apple
Plentí – Strawberry
Plentí – Vanilla

They are all super yummy and a perfect morning or post workout snack.

Check the website for more info and where to buy.  Keep an eye on their Instagram page for all the fun (and delicious) photos.

Have you tried Plenti Greek Yogurt?