The Grossest Things About Being A Runner

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Being a runner isn’t always glamourous. Ok, to be real MOST of the time it isn’t glamorous, but it sure is rewarding. Some things about running are just plain gross though. It might be because we work so hard to achieve certain running goals that we don’t care as much about what others think, but I’m still not entirely sure. Here is a list of the grossest things about being a runner. 

  1. Chaffing. Never fun, but tends to happen to marathon runners if they aren’t careful. Remember that vaseline or body glide! Don’t be one of those people with a bloody clothing at the end.
  2. Seeing grown adults pee along race course. This one is more so men than women. I get it, but still pretty gross. I have heard horror stories about runners on the upper deck of the Verrazano Bridge at the race start peeing off the side and it splash on the runners on the lower deck. Doesn’t get much grosser than that. 
  3. What comes out of you after running a marathon. No matter where it comes out it’s never good. Keep in mind that after running 26.2 miles your body is a little stressed and it definitely lets you know. 
  4. Smelly has a whole new meaning. No deodorant can combat that. Not just armpits. Throw those clothes straight into the washing machine!
  5. Gag reflex. When long distance running your gag reflex tends to become more sensitive. 
  6. Sharing food with 10,000 other sweaty hands reaching into it. I’m hoping that after surviving a global pandemic this may change, but reaching into a big bowl of pretzels with your dirty had that has been wiping your sweat or touch a porta potty door handle is nasty. 
  7. Porta pottys in general are gross, but race porta pottys are just extra gross. (See number 3) If there is an option along a race course to use a real bathroom (like inside the parks along the Disney World Marathon) I will hold it until I get there because the porta pottys are THAT bad. 
  8. Snot rockets. It never fails that there is someone running in a race blowing snot rockets. You don[t want to be downwind of that.
  9. Topics of conversation. Runners have a pretty easy time talking to each other about GI issues and chafing problems. Hang out on a start line bus for a little bit and you will hear it all. 
  10. Running through puddles of God knows what. Sometimes along a race course you will encounter lots of gross things you have to run through. Some it you won’t even know quite what it is. And most likely it will also splash on your ankles. 

I love the running community. Generally speaking we are a pretty open and friendly community, but sometimes we might just be a little too open and friendly. Do you have other gross parts about running not listed? Leave a comment below. 

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