The Giant Race San Jose Recap 2016

IMG_8462This was the 5th year for the Giant Race San Jose.  I love this race series. I’m a huge San Francisco Giants fan, but this race series is also super well organized and a great local race.  I ran the Sacramento Giant Race back in April.  They also have one in Scottsdale during Spring Training.  In September is the San Francisco Giant Race and this will be my 5th Giant Half Marathon there. 

IMG_8480The San Jose Giant Race was on a pretty hot day.  You have a choice of a 5k or a 5 miler. It starts right by the municipal stadium where the San Jose Giants play.  You run around Kelly Park and if you are doing the 5 miler you get to run through Happy Hollow too.

IMG_8482One of my favorite parts about the Giant Races is that the World Series trophies are out to take a picture with.  Remember no touching! 😉 

I had a fun and made it home in the nick of time to head to a birthday party at 10am at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Have you ran a Giant Race?