The First Time My Husband And I Went Somewhere Overnight Without Our Daughter

This past weekend was a milestone for my family.  This may sound really weird to some people because you do you often, but to others I think you will understand.  

FullSizeRenderMy husband had a business dinner in Las Vegas and I had the opportunity to come along.  The other people were bringing spouses and I love Vegas, so I said yes.  My daughter is 5 and about to start Kindergarten, but we have never left her over night without one of us.  My husband travels a lot for work, but I am with my daughter during those times.  Sometimes I travel to races or events without my daughter, but my husband has always been with her.  This was the FIRST time we both went somewhere together, overnight, without her!  Crazy I know.

FullSizeRenderShe was with my mom, her nana, who is her favorite person on Earth, so I wasn’t worried about her.  I was more worried my mom would be exhausted because my daughter is a ball of energy.  I was only gone 19 hours.  We had a really nice time and everyone was happy and healthy at the end.  We probably won’t do it often, but I am glad that we got away for a night.  

IMG_4463How old were you kids when you left them for the first time?

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