The Best Treadmill Runs On iFit

treadmill runDo you have a new treadmill with iFit? Do you have the iFit app and are looking for recommendations? I have a Nordic Track equipped with iFit and I absolutely love it! I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Here are my favorite runs on iFit for people on all levels of running. 

Iberian Beginner Running Series with Tommy Rivers

If you are trying to build your running stamina and are new to running this is the series for you. If you are a runner looking for fun scenery, a great trainer, and learning knowledge about the Iberian coast, this is also the series for you, but just increase the speed. 

man running in italy Italy Interval Series with John Peel

I fell in love with Italy when I got to visit and run the Venice Marathon a few years ago. The scenery is beautiful and I love John Peel. The Cinque Terre runs are no joke. 

Terrain Training in the Balkans with John Peel

This is a good intermediate series. I didn’t know much about about Slovenia and Croatia before I did this series, but it is absolutely gorgeous there. 

Germany Holiday Walk and Job Series with Casey Gilbert

This is a good beginner/intermediate series. Remember you can always adjust the speed to make it faster. I have never been to Germany, but after doing this series I really want to go during the holidays. We explored so many cute towns. 

grand canyon river Grand Canyon South Rim-To-River Series with Tommy Rivers

Any run you can with Tommy Rivs is a good run. He is so incredible, knowledgable, and fun. This series starts with series down hill runs, followed by series uphill runs. It was amazing to see what that hike would be like. The series if 6 parts and each is roughly 45 minutes, but the downhill runs I did 2 in a row because running downhill is super easy and it was fun to get the knowledge that Tommy was sharing. 

Japan Half Marathon Training Series with Tommy Rivers

This is a more advanced running series. It isn’t for first time runners. This is also Tommy’s newest series. I have never been to Japan and these runs were absolutely gorgeous. 

London Walking Series with Duncan Duff

I love Duncan Duff. I learn so much when doing his walks, but I do them as runs. I just like learning and seeing the scenery. I hit start, set my speed to 6, and run while he walks and talks. 

French Polynesia Bootcamp Series with Elyse Miller

There are a bunch of French Polynesia series and they are all beautiful. You can’t have a bad run while enjoying the beautiful beaches. I really like Elyse Miller as a trainer and this adds some other elements into the workout. 

Beginning Incline Series in Lake Tahoe with John Peel

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places on earth. (I might be bias because I leave 35 minutes away.) The hikes are fun and John Peel is great. Again, always adjust speed accordingly. My husband really enjoys these as walks, but I increase speed and do them as runs.

Kauai Half Marathon with Heather Jenson

Right now I can’t run in person races, so this was the next best thing. It was fun to “people” watch the runners around and experience the racing feeling again. It is broken into 5 parts, so you don’t run the half marathon all at once, but feel free to run them in sequence if you want to do it all in one day! 

boston marathon runner female  Boston Marathon Series with Ashley Paulson

This is an advanced series, but so fun to run the Boston Marathon virtually!

New Zealand Fundamental Running Series with Zac Marion ⁠

Zac is full of great knowledge and the scenery in New Zealand is beautiful. This isn’t beginner, but is a pretty easy intermediate series. I had to increase the speed, but this series was fantastic!

Montana Trail Running Series with Nicole Meline

This series is a beginner series and is only 3 parts, but is absolutely gorgeous! It makes the time go by real fast. My husband loves this one. 

Bikini Body Toning with Elyse Miller

These are great full body workouts. You do treadmill work and also mat work and some use light weights also. Elyse is great at keeping you moving. 

Here are my biggest tips:

When in doubt you can’t go wrong with trainer Tommy Rivs. 

If you start a run and the speed or incline is just to hard, don’t quit. Just lower the incline or speed.

Same goes for the opposite, if a run is too easy raise up that incline and increase your speed.

Vary up your workouts. Incorporate some incline, decline, speed, and interval training.

Keep a set of lightweight dumbbells near you use them while you are doing your warmup and cool down.

If you don’t have a treadmill with iFit built in, download the app and use it on your phone or iPad while you are on the treadmill to make time go by quickly.

Have fun and enjoy seeing the world!

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