The Best Stretching Tools For Runners

Stretching is so important for runners. Many people think that stretching before a run is really important, but stretching AFTER a run is actually key. I am not a doctor and you can make your own choices, but I don’t stretch before a run. I do stretch after a long run though. You need to make sure you stretch your body when training for a marathon or after a long run to help prevent tightness and lactic acid build up. Here are some of the best stretching tools for runners.  foam roller for runner

Foam Roller

Every runner needs a foam roller. It might bring tears to your eyes to use it sometimes, but it will be worth it. Check out YouTube for videos on how to stretch with a foam roller. 


Resistance Bands

These bands are a good way to strengthen your leg muscles. 

The Stretch Our Strap

This nylon strap has various different loops to help you stretch in all directions. This is especially great for people that might not be able to reach their toes. 

Stretching Book

A book with 100 stretches for runners is a great source to learn more about what you should be doing. This book offers pictures and explanations.

Foot Rocker

A foot rocker is great to stretch out your calfs, achilles, and also offers relief for plantar fasciitis. It feels fantastic!



Stick Roller

Get right in there massaging your legs. IT band pain and tight muscles will thank you. There are a lot of variations and sizes amiable. I personally like the medium size length because it is big enough to really get into my legs, but also is the perfect size to fit in a suitcase and travel with to combat tightness, especially if you are traveling to run a race.

Learning about stretches and how to combat tightness and help prevent injury is so important as a runner. The internet is a great source of information, but make sure you are getting your stretching info from credible sources. With proper stretching it can help you reach your running goals. 

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