That time my 5 year old asked me if she looked like the iPhone lady…

siri_lookalikeConversation Lily, my 5 year old, and I had:

Lily: Do I look like the iPhone lady?

Me: I don’t even know what you are talking about. Who’s the iPhone lady?

Lily: (eye roll like I’m the dorkiest mom ever for not knowing) Mom! Siri! You know, the iPhone lady.

Me: Siri isn’t a real person, so I don’t know how you could look like her.

Lily: Mom! She’s real. We hear her voice and people say I look like her. Google it.

Me: Google what? What does Siri look like?

Lily: Duh! But you have to put her last name in too.

Me: I don’t think she has a last name?

Lily: Seriously mom! (Eye roll again) Her name is Siri Cruise. Everyone tells me that.

Me: (Lightbulb moment) OHHHHHHH!!! SURI CRUISE! Not the iPhone lady!

Lily: (Forehead slap)

Yet again Siri is causing issues in my house.  I can’t believe this was a conversation I had with my 5 year old.  It is definitely different growing up these days than when I was little.


  1. Rosemary | 5th Aug 15

    I love those moments even though it doesn’t happen very often in my house anymore.. This post is Hilarious! It’s true! She looks like the iPhone lady!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 5th Aug 15

      She has a way of looking at me and rolling her eyes already, just at 5 years old, that makes me feel so uncool and not hip. Lol

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