I’m A Tea Lover

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for tea ever since I was little and my dad me a cup of chamomile.  As I get older I am trying to branch out more and try new teas.  I would love some advice and recommendations on some of your favorites.

I love caffeine free tea in the evening.  I love green tea during the day.  Kava tea for stress.  Chamomile for a sour tummy.  What are some of your favorites?  Any one else a tea lover?  (I also love coffee in the morning though)


  1. Leslee | 5th Feb 14

    Dear hubs LOVES LOVES the white teas! I buy him the silver needle and he is very pleased with it. I get it from Teavana…

  2. Leslee | 5th Feb 14

    I hit send too quickly! The white teas are known for their great antioxidant benefits. Much too has been said about the cancer prevention, blood pressure/cholesterol lowering benefits as well!

  3. Kim Banks | 5th Feb 14

    I like chai tea and also English Breakfast – it’s so traditional but love the scent and it’s great with milk and a little sugar.

  4. Michelle @ 3cheaprunners | 5th Feb 14

    How about SB Iced Passion Tea Lemonade?

  5. Jenn | 5th Feb 14

    I’m pretty basic when it comes to tea. I like black tea with honey in it. And I only like to have it when I’m sick.

    Also, since I live in the south, I will have sweet tea from time to time. Probably not quite the same, but it does taste delicious 🙂

  6. Holly | 6th Feb 14

    I recently discovered Be Active Teas by the Republic of Tea. I’ve been sipping the one for endurance for a few weeks.

  7. Afton at My Virtual Mission | 8th Feb 14

    I’m a tea addict! I love all the Stash teas, especially the Meyer Lemon and Chamomile Nights with spearmint. I’m also a big hot lemon water drinker…kills off colds!

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