I had a taste of being spoiled…and I liked it.

Yesterday, was the Super Bowl,  but it was also my first intensive spa day!  For my birthday present my sister, best sister EVER, booked us for a spa day.

We started with a soaking tub, followed by an hour and a half massages.  My body hasn’t felt this great in years.  All the knots in my back feel so much better.

After our massage the spa had lunch set up in our own private lounge for us.  One of my favorite salads with apple, nuts and gorgonzola and a glass of champagne!  LOVED it!

When we finished lunch we were taken to our rooms for facials.  My skin now feels as soft as my 3 year olds.

We finished the day with a pedicure.  It was amazing.  I’ve had an occasional massage or facial, but never such a incredible spa day with it all.  I want to thank my awesome sister Kiki (not her real name, but as far as my 3 year old is concerned, that is her name).  BEST DAY EVER!

P.S. I guess this will also be a test to see if she reads my blog 😉

Tomorrow is my actually birthday, the big 33.  No big plans except a radio interview.  Tune in on Sunday to hear me on Mom Talk Radio with Maria Bailey again.  On Thursday my 4 best girlfriends are taking me out to dinner for my girl time birthday celebration. VERY excited about that.  I love my best friends and savor every second I get to spend with them.

Have you ever been treated to a spa day?



  1. Kiki McKenzie | 4th Feb 14

    So glad u loved it!! Me too! Here’s to the best year ever!!! ( of course I read your blog. I’m your sister!)

  2. Leslee | 4th Feb 14

    Sounds like a lovely day!! You certainly deserved some special treatment…

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