T-Shirts That I Think Need To Exist

So while running I tend to think about random things sometimes…ok, maybe a lot of the time.  One of those things is thinking about T-shirt slogans that I think need to exist.  I thought it might be fun to share some of them, so here you go!


dancelike_no_one_is_watching_shirt i_run_because_i_really_like_cupcakes_shirt everything_i_know_google_shirt play_doh_and_carpet_shirtlife_is_good_bad_shirtrunner_are_lovers_shirt ran_like_a_kenyan_shirt

Do you have a shirt you have always thought needs to exist?

*I don’t make these shirts, but if you take my words and put them on a shirt you have to cut me in on the action. 🙂


  1. Sam | 5th Mar 16

    I’ve been wanting a Big Hero 6 Baymax moisture wicking shirt that says “I am not fast” for a long time now.

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