Swagtastic Virtual Half Marathon Recap

photo 4The Swagtastic Virtual Races had three distances, 5k, 10k and half marathon.  When I learned about these races from the organizers I of course signed up for the half marathon because I’m “half crazy”.

A virtual race means you sign up to do the distance, but you run on your own and than report your time.  What makes the Swagtastic Races so awesome though is that it benefits Medals4Mettle and you also get a box sent to you of awesome swag!  To learn more about the Swagtastic Races you can read my post here.

We even had race bibs emailed to us.

photo 5My family and I were visiting my mom up in the Lake Tahoe area and her house is at an elevation of 5500 ft.  I had been running up here for a couple days before hand.  The higher elevation makes the air a little thinner and harder to breath.  I live at sea level, so this always makes running a little harder.  The scenery sure is beautiful though.

photo 2

Day 39, the last day of my Runner’s World Run Streak was July 4th and the dates for the Swagtastic race was to run between July 4th-9th.  I thought it would be fitting to finish my Run Streak with a half marathon.

I set out at 6am on July 4th.  I left so early because the heat wave is ridiculous right now.  It was suppose to be in the high 90’s that day.  It was already in the 70’s when I went out.


I felt great running out there.  I ran 9 miles when I got a call from my husband that my 3 year old had woken up upset that I wasn’t there.  I ran back to my mom’s and comforted my 3 year old for 15 minutes and than headed back out again to finish that last 3.22 miles.

photo 1

My total time was 2:14:37.

photo 3

Look at this amazing box of swag I got sent to my doorstep!!!  It isn’t called the Swagtastic Race for nothing!!!

photo 3 photo 2

I had a great time and if the Swagtastic Races become an annual race I would definitely sign up again!

Have you ever done a virtual race?