Surprise! I’m going to the 24 Hour Disneyland 60th Anniversary Kickoff Event!


I wasn’t sure I could swing it, but it is happening!  I will be at Disneyland Friday morning and (fingers crossed) hopefully last until 6am Saturday morning for the Disneyland Diamond Anniversary 24 Hour Kickoff event.  I won’t be there for rope drop Friday because I fly in at 7am that morning, but I will be there shortly after.  

I have loved attending for the DisneySide and the Monstrous Summer 24 Hour events the past couple years. You can read a recap here.  I will be live Tweeting and Instagraming so follow only on my social channels!

I will fly from Disneyland later in the weekend to Colorado to run the Bolder BOULDER.  I hope everyone has fun Memorial Day plans.  Let’s hear what you have going on!



  1. beautea97 | 19th May 15

    Look at you, jet setting all over the place :-). Hopefully no flight delays this trip!!!

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