Summit Rock Trail Race Recap- Running In The Redwoods

On Saturday I ran Summit Rock trail race in Saratoga, CA.  They offer 3 distances, half marathon, 10k and 5k.  Since I run for fun on trails, but never races I decided to do the 5k and try it out.  I was also slightly intimidated since the course record was 26:42!  My 5k PR for a normal flat road race is 24:52…so if the fastest person ever to do the race clocked in at 26:42 I knew I was in for a really hard course.

I was right, the first half was almost literally entirely straight up a mountain and than you turn around and come back down.  It was a little cold at 31 degrees, but my INKnBURN Current Pullover kept me toasty.

The half marathon started first, followed by the 10k and than the 5k.


I am fortunate enough to live in an area where redwood trees are allover, so I take it for granted.  This course made me remember how beautiful they really are.  This picture is blurry, but you can get an idea of what the redwood forest is like.  This was the very beginning flat part.


As we got further up the mountain there was a clearing and had actual frost and ice on the ground.  That is COLD for this area!


This race made me appreciate flat paved courses that are wide enough to pass people on.  It was definitely the hardest 5k I have ever ran, but really enjoyable too.  I saw lots of people trip and fall.  Trail racing is no joke! photo

I loved the medal because it has an owl on it.  One of my favorite animals.  It is always awesome when my daughter greets me with a lollipop at the end too 🙂


Have you ever ran a trail race?


  1. Shay @ Whine Less, Breathe More | 18th Dec 13

    That race looks so fun! What a beautiful place to run.

  2. Carson | 18th Dec 13

    The medal is awesome! I have never ran a trail race because the possibility of falling intimidates me and the chances of it are so much worse when running trails. Maybe one day the trail racing bug will bite me, but it hasn’t yet!

  3. Leslee | 17th Jan 14

    Trail runs intrigue me so, but I am quite frightened that I would fall and do permanent damage 🙂 Never say never, but I’m in no hurry! Good for you to get out there and try it!

  4. ChristyVDG | 25th Jan 15

    The brazen races are some of the best in the bay. Runners of all levels participate and its-it ice cream sandwiches at the finish are even better when you are wearing a brazen medal. I ran coyote hills (5k because the trail is super hilly) and loved it. Favorite part: the race announcer encouraging folks to enjoy the beauty of the course and not worry about trying to match/beat the course record.

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