Summer Reading With Disney Story Central

Most of you know how much my family and I love Disney.  The Disney Story Central app is hands down the most used app on our iPad.  Disney Story Central has every beloved Disney story that we want to read, all on one app. 

One of my daughter’s favorite parts is that Disney Story Central is updated regularly.  When new books come out they are added to the collection.  For example there are “Inside Out” books on the app and the movie isn’t even in theaters yet!  My daughter is already obsessed.  

My favorite part though is the ability to choose whether I read the story to my daughter, or it is read to her.  After reading 3 books out loud to her, it is a nice break to cuddle and listen to the story teller read to us.  

Disney Story Central is the largest collection of Disney digital stories, featuring a wide array of Disney stories and characters that kids and families know and love. The cross-platform experience is available via iPhone and iPad app, tablet-optimized website and Video on Demand (AT&T U-Verse). Disney Story Central is designed to encourage kids to develop a lifetime love of reading. The app gives families the freedom to choose the reading experience that suits them best, whether through an annual subscription service or a-la-carte options, using Disney Book Tokens.  

You can download Disney Story Central for free here and then choice the service that is right for you. The subscription service gives kids unlimited access to Disney Story Central’s expansive library of books for $7.99 a month.  That is a deal!  That is less than the price of buying one book at a store.  The A La Carte option uses a Disney Book Token system.  This helps parents empower their kids to pick out the books they WANT to read, allowing them to build their own collection of stories, featuring the characters they love.  Tokens work like currency, in which one token is worth one book download.


My daughter loves the  “Browse By Character” feature.  She can find all the “Elsa” books in one easy location without having to search the whole library.   No character is left behind in the Disney Story Central app.  They have everything from Disney Princess, Disney Classics, Frozen, Doc McStuffins, Cars, and more.

Now that it is summer it is more important than ever to keep your kids reading and the Disney Story Central app makes it fun!  Kids love being rewarded and Stars, Ranks, and Trophies reward kids for reading and encourage them to keep it up.  The app offers a variety of content for pre-readers, speed readers, and everyone in-between.  This app is a MUST for family travel this summer.  We are big into bedtime stories, but while on vacation I don’t want to have to drag heavy books around with us.  This app has all the stories we need on one convenient app.


Visit the iTunes Store here to download Disney Story Central free.

Do you have the Disney Story Central App?

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