Suggestions About RunDisney Expos

RunDisney expos are very well ran and organized.  They definitely have them down to a science.  RunDisney races are also big races with lots of runners, which means lots of bodies going through the expos.  They are great places to get products you may (or may not) need.  Here are some suggestions that I have learned the hard way:

1.  If you have a small child keep in mind that strollers ARE NOT allowed in the expo.  Yep, that is correct.  It is a Disney event and strollers aren’t allowed.  I was a little horrified the first time since my daughter was a year old and my husband wasn’t with me and I didn’t have the bjorn with me either.  The packet pickup was in 2 different buildings with crowds of people and up and down stairs.  I had to carry her and all my stuff through it all as she was screaming.  So with that in mind plan accordingly whether that is a bjorn, or an extra set of hands, or if you are brave and can go at it alone 🙂

2.  Like I said above, the packet pickup is generally in 2 different buildings.  First you go in one and give them your race waiver in exchange for bib and bag tag.  Second you go to the other building and make your way through all the amazing fun things for sale to the back of the building to get your bag and shirt.  It is a little time consuming, so don’t think it will be in and out with everything in 5 minutes.

3.  They do offer some computers to print waivers, but sometimes they have lines.  Conserve time and print at home, put in your suitcase, and bring with you.

4.  There are tons and tons of amazing and fun things for sale at the expos.  I have bought plenty of them.  Before you use a new product you just bought and run 13.1 miles with it though, give it a long hard thought as to whether or not that is a good idea.  New shoes, clothes, and socks may start to cause problems if not properly broken in or tested.

5.  RunDisney race merchandise often sells out quickly.  If you can’t get to the expo until the end of the last day and you have your heart set on a certain item you might consider finding someone to get you want you want who is going on the first day.

I personally love the expos and set aside plenty of time to see what’s new and what I want and even just to chat with people.  It is a runners paradise for sure!