My First Stitch Fix! Help me decide…

I learned about Stitch Fix and was instantly intrigued.  I love clothes, but find myself in a slump lately and mostly wear clothes that I can either wear to the gym or to yoga.  I thought Stitch Fix might be just the spark I need to help me get back to wearing “real” clothes.

How it works: You fill out a questionnaire about taste, size etc.  You pick a delivery day. You pay a $20 styling fee, but if you buy any of the items from the box it gets credited towards your purchase.  They send you 5 items and you have 3 days to decide what you want to keep what you want to send back.  Enclosed in the box is a prepaid envelope to just mail back what you don’t want.  If you buy all 5 items you get an additional 25% off!

I got my first box today and I need your help trying to decide.  I was happy to try it all on and have it all fit since that is what my main concern was.  You get this super awesome styling card which shows you how to wear the clothes in the box.


Item 1: Sophia Ankle Length Skinny Jean by Kenzie
Price: $88
Verdict: Undecided- I love the length of these jeans and the fit is pretty good, but they have a little higher rise then I am use to. What do you think? I’m still torn because the length is so perfect without even having to hem them. (Note that I am wearing the skinny jeans in the pictures below with the tops and they also look cute with all of them.)

photo 1

Item 2: Paloma Cutout Jersey Top by Mia Melon
Price: $54
Verdict: Keep- I really like the color of this shirt and I think the detailing on the back is super cute.

photo 2

Item 3: Evah Crochet Detail 3/4 Blouse by Ezra
Price: $48
Verdict: Undecided- I absolutely love this color and style, but I already have a shirt that the color and style are VERY similar. I don’t know if I can justify $48 for something so similar to what I already own. Thoughts?

photo 3

Item 4: Corinna Striped Heathered Dolman Top by Pomelo
Price: $48
Verdict: Keep- What you can’t tell from this picture is that it is the softest shirt ever!!! It is so comfy and it is long enough that I can wear with leggings or jeans, so while in this picture it isn’t the most flattering shirt I would totally get lots of wear out of this shirt.

photo 2

Item 5: Waters Diamond Print Maxi Dress
Price: $68
Verdict: Send back- I love the color of this dress, but the shape of it I feel does nothing for me. I don’t feel like it is very flattering.

photo 1

Any input would be greatly appreciated since you guys are awesome and I trust your judgment.  (Please excuse the nerdy pictures, I had a 4 year old as my assistant.) If I keep all the shirts and the jeans (4 items total) I might as well keep the dress too since I get 25% off if I guy all 5 which means that pays for the dress in itself. If I only keep 2 or 3 items though then I send back the others.

Overall I am super happy with the garments, prices and experience.  I can’t wait to see what my next Stitch Fix will have in it?

Want to give Stitch Fix a try? Here is a link.

So what do you think of items 1,2,3,4, and 5?


  1. Kristen @ The Smith Summary | 30th Apr 14

    I like shirt #3! I’m getting my first Stitchfix next month – cannot wait to try it!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 30th Apr 14

      I can’t wait to see what is in your Fix!!! 🙂

  2. Kristie | 30th Apr 14

    I like the jeans and shirt 2 and 4. I’m not a fan of the dress or the blue shirt 3, which you already have one similar too. Of course just my opinion. Have fun!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 30th Apr 14

      Thank you!!!! That is what I think too 🙂

  3. beautea97 | 30th Apr 14

    Great fix!!!! I think you may be too hard on yourself with the dress… I love it on you! and the grey stripped shirt is great (throw a coral scarf on that!!), BUT the cutout top is to die for!!! LOVE LOVE!! You wear the skinny jeans well too, and for the $$ I would go ahead and keep the purple embroidered top.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 30th Apr 14

      You are making me want to keep all of them. You’re a bad influence. Lol jk 😉

  4. ckwilliams22 | 1st May 14

    I really like the jeans and the coral colored shirt. I’m not a huge fan of the grey shirt, honestly. It looks like a “slouch around the house” shirt to me and $48 seems like a lot of money for that kind of shirt. But you said you’d probably wear it a lot so maybe I’m wrong. I actually think the dress is great and could see wearing it a ton in the summer.

    I’m so excited to get my first fix but it’s going to be a month or so…looks like they are getting more orders than they anticipated!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 1st May 14

      I think Stitch Fix is really catching on because the orders I hear from people keep getting further and further out. Thank you for the advice and can’t wait to hear about your Fix 🙂

  5. Mindy | 5th May 14

    I know I’m too late but I just wanted to say I kept the same jeans and maxi dress (same print but in black & white) and I LOVE THEM. I wear the jeans every other day it seems, and the dress at least once a week. You got a lot of good items! Love Stitch Fix!

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