State Farm Neighborhood Assist Program- Time to Vote!

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for State Farm. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.

I grew up in a home where giving was taught in multiple ways.  My father always matched whatever money I earned and wanted to donate to a charity of my choice.  We would visit our local food bank and help with food drives.  At the holidays we helped deliver meals to people who needed food and couldn’t leave home to get it.  It was important for me to also teach these important life lessons to my daughter.

state farm food bank

The State Farm Neighborhood Assist program brings money to causes that deserve it.  If my community was eligible I would love to see a park built in my area.  There are parks that are nice, but all are miles away.  I miss our old home where I would walk to any of 3 parks.  I think that community parks are such a great place for parents and children to be able to play free.  My daughter could play at a park every day and never tire of it and the same goes for most kids.  No matter what income level, terrain, or part of the country, a playground is always a place that brings children joy and parents a place to be able to take their children.

Every year the State Farm Neighborhood Assist Program give $25,000 to causes that are voted on.  It is time to vote for a cause near and dear to you!  The 2014 State Farm Neighborhood Assist Program is down to the top 200 causes and they need your votes.  40 of them will receive $25,000 grants.


There are causes all over the country and for all sorts of educational, community development and safety matters.  I found the cause Renewing Public School Education in East San Jose and felt a connection.  My father was a teacher and then went on to be a principal of a high school.  East San Jose is near where I live and any program that wants to help at risk youth is a winner in my eyes.

I encourage everyone to vote and remember to do it every day.  To vote visit the Facebook App here.  Pick your cause and you get 10 votes a day.

To learn more you can visit the State Farm Neighborhood Assist Program website here.