Solving the “pile of books next to the bed” Problem- DIY Book Crate

Trying to find ways to organize all your children’s books? This is an affordable DIY project to create a kids library for their room.

FullSizeRenderMy husband and I read to Little Monkey every night and now that she is in 1st grade, she also reads to us.  This has caused what I like to call the “pile of books next to the bed” problem.  It really bothered me, but there wasn’t enough space for a bookcase.  The books also get switched out from room to room and it was a never ending mess.  I’m happy to share that I solved that problem and it was super easy and cheap!

FullSizeRenderFor around $12 and some change I was able to create something that matched the room, was easy to move, held all the books plus still room for more, and when we outgrow the bedtime story phase it can be repurposed.   I bought an unfinished wood crate at Jo-Ann Fabric Store and the acrylic paint with a “chalk finish”.  

FullSizeRenderI like the chalk finish because I prefer it to look more matte and not shiny.  I quickly just slapped one coat of paint on it.  I didn’t want it super solid in color.  I’m a fan of that shiplap shabby chic look.  If you wanted to make it look even more used you could take a little sandpaper to it after the paint dried.  

FullSizeRenderVoila!  Now the big messy pile of books doesn’t drive me crazy and I can easily move this to any room.  All of the books you saw in that pile in the first picture are in the crate now.  It looks like so much less, doesn’t it?

FullSizeRenderDo you have a “pile of books next to the bed” problem?

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Creating a reading library for your kids


  1. beautea97 | 30th Aug 16

    GREAT idea! and so easy… thank o for sharing!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 30th Aug 16

      When Jo-Ann’s has their coupons it is so cheap to make! 🙂

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