Social Distancing Virtual 5k, 10k, and Half Marathon

virtual running raceI love being part of the running community and hearing all of your stories. I wanted to do something that can help keep all of us connected, while we can’t physically be together and also help the community. I also know a lot of us are goal driven, and this might help some of us cope a little better. I decided to create the Social Distancing Virtual 5k, 10k and Half Marathon. 

How it works…

This race is virtual, meaning you will run it on your own. This can be on a treadmill at your home or outside (while social distancing) on your own. I will email you a virtual race bib that you can print. You will be added to a Facebook Group where you can connect with everyone else running the race and can post your results. When we reach the end I will send out medals as well. The cost is only $15. After the cost of paying for medals and shipping, etc, I will donate proceeds to Meals On Wheels and No Kid Hungry. I chose these two because of the amount of seniors impacted and also children who are out of school who depend on food they receive from school. virtual race

Who can participate…

Anyone! There is no age requirements and you don’t have to be a runner. You can walk a 5k with your whole family if you want. Register your whole family and each get a race bib to participate together. I miss my running friends and this could be a great way to run “together” without actually running together. 

wall of running medalsImportant to know: Costumes are optional! If you want to wear one, go for it and post a picture in the Facebook Group. When you register, under “Facebook Email” please put the email you use to login to Facebook, otherwise the invite to join the group won’t be able to get you in. Please set your expectations of the medal accordingly. While I wish I could do a runDisney type medal, the cost would be more than $15 per person. Registration will be open for a couple weeks. Once I have everyone registered I will be ordering the medals so I can get enough for everyone, aka, it won’t be next week. I want to create a fun environment to motivate people to keep moving their body, running, walking, or doing laps around your yard. Let’s get the movement started!

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Sign up here:

Click here to fill out form and pay to register for the Social Distancing Virtual 5k, 10k and Half Marathon! 

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  1. Michelle Neese | 3rd Apr 20

    This is awesome! Thanks for organizing this.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 8th Apr 20

      You are very welcome. I’m so happy to have so many people participating.

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