So…DO blondes have more fun?

…I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.  So this happened Tuesday. I’ve been contemplating giving it a try for a while.  My hair has been red, black, every shade of brown, auburn, highlighted, chunky highlighted, funky bright red streaks, but lately I’ve been coloring it a shade of brown that is a little darker than my natural color.  Most of you probably thought I was a little boring and this is a little crazy, but I assure you that yes…it is a little crazy, but I like to keep people on their toes. haha

12998589_1019818604781120_5803728163358151258_nAnyways, here is how it happened: I don’t really follow the Kardashians or watch their show.  I may have watched episodes every now and then in the B.K. era (before Kanye), but I don’t pay that close attention…until one day a couple months ago I see a picture of Khloe’s new hairdo (I know, I know, they change their hair like normal people change their underwear).  This new do was super cute short and blonde and I thought it looked really good on her.  That hairdo inspired me. (shhhhhh please don’t tell anyone a Kardashian inspired me.)  I figured I could try blonde and if I didn’t like it I could easily change it back.  You only live once.  Carpe diem! 

FullSizeRenderMy hair stylist assured me that she could make it blonde in one sitting and that my hair wouldn’t fall out of my head and SHE WAS RIGHT! Our plan was to leave it a little “ombre” while I go blonde and then as I come back in the coming months we can tweak whether we want whiter blonde, mix in some darker blonde, etc.  Little Monkey knew I was getting my hair done and was hoping for blue or at least purple.  She was upset it wasn’t either of them.  Hoping she doesn’t take a magic marker to my head when I’m asleep 😉 

So ta dah! That is how this happened…



  1. Whine Less | 21st Apr 16

    It looks really great on you! Sometimes people go blonde and it’s not just not right on them. Yours looks really natural! Though blue might be kind of fun…
    Actually did you see when Jenny McCarthy had pink hair? Loved it! If I thought I could pull it off, I would totally do make mine pink!

  2. Pauline PT | 22nd Apr 16

    The blonde looks good on you!

  3. beautea97 | 22nd Apr 16

    Blonde really does look fabulous on you! You’re a natural beauty anyway, so there’s that!!!

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