Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon Recap 2017

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I love the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon.  I love the people that put on this race.  I love everything about the whole weekend!  I ran the LA Big 5k the on Saturday and Little Monkey ran the Kids LA 1/2k.  

I got up super early Sunday and took the shuttle buses that the race offers from Santa Monica to Dodgers Stadium.  This is convenient so everyone can park near the finish line.  The lines this year to get on the buses were much longer than in past years, but that is because of added security measures.  They are aware of the problem and will have it solved.  I still arrived to the starting line area in plenty of time.

I met up with the other amazing Conqur Endurance Group ambassadors.  I love these people!

The race started and it was nice and overcast…then we got out of the parking lot of Dodgers Stadium and the sun came out.  It stayed this way for the next 25 miles.

The course is the most amazing way to see everything that LA has to offer.  This year the marathon had 40 Snapchat geofilters as you made your way through the city.  It was really fun, like a running scavenger hunt for geofilters.  

What sets the Los Angeles Marathon apart from other races, in my mind, is the spectators.  There are so many people out to cheer you on, but also to help you.  No matter what neighborhood you are running through there are random people handing out candy and oranges and water and pretzels.  There are perfect strangers willing to give you sunscreen or a popsicle.  Around mile 8 every year this is even a group of people handing out chili dogs! (I am not brave enough to eat one with 18 miles left to run, but power to the people who do!)  The city itself has so much to see that there is also never a dull moment.

You make your way through Chinatown.

Downtown past the Walt Disney Concert Hall.


The Viper Room

Beverly Hills

Rodeo Drive

And one of my favorite parts is the final 2.5 miles are all a gradual downhill to the finish line in Santa Monica.  

The last mile as we made our way to the ocean the weather became more overcast, which was a very welcome site after baking in the sun for 25 miles.

I love this years double sided medal.

I had an amazing time and will definitely be back again next year.  I will also find the worlds most water proof sunscreen to wear because I reapplied 3 times and still got this burned! Thank you Los Angeles for another amazing marathon.

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