How Siri Almost Caused My Divorce

One day my daughter said to me “Mom, does it snow in Florida?”  I responded with “No I don’t think so.” She then said to me “We should call the lady on the phone that daddy talks to all the time and ask her.”

This peaked my interest a little.  I said “Well if I’m not with you guys isn’t it me that daddy calls on the phone?  Am I the lady on the phone?”  She quickly replied “No, he talks to this other lady all the time.”

Ok, so I take a long pause and I say “What does daddy talk to her about?”  My daughter replies “Well she gives him directions on where to go usually.” Ummmmm…ok. My next question “What do you mean?  Is he going to meet this lady somewhere?”  She says, “I guess so.  I’ve never met her though.”


I’m not a jealous person, so I’m pretty calm but slightly confused.  When I see my husband I ask him “So who is the lady that Lily says you talk on the phone to all the time?”  He looks at me funny and says “No one.  The only lady I talk to on the phone regularly is you.”  My reply “Our 4 year old doesn’t lie and this is way to creative of a story for her to imagine up.”  It starts getting a little heated because he is bothered that I’m even asking and I’m bothered that he is bothered.

He tells me “I can’t think of anyone I talk to more than you that is female.”  I reply “Lily says that this woman gives you directions where to go and knows everything….” and just as we are about to start fighting it dawns on both of us that “The Lady On The Phone That Daddy Talks To All The Time” is Siri.

To be honest, I never use Siri and I am surprised my husband does which is why I didn’t immediately think of this.  Siri is now “the other woman” in our marriage.

Of course this didn’t really almost cause my divorce, but my husband and I joke about it and his “other woman”.  My sweet 4 year old still thinks Siri is a real person.


  1. Sherry | 25th Jul 14

    That is freakin’ HILARIOUS!

  2. Doug Arens | 25th Jul 14

    Did you know you can change Siri’s voice? My kids changed my iPhone to some british dude’s voice just to mess with me. Teenagers!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 25th Jul 14

      Maybe I should change my husband’s Siri voice to a British dude so my daughter stops talking about the super awesome lady who knows everything on daddy’s phone. Lol

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