Santa Cruz Half Marathon Recap

I only registered for the Santa Cruz Half Marathon a couple weeks before hand.  I had several friends running it who had tried to talk me into it months before.  I had been reluctant since I was already committed to the More/Fitness Womens’ Half in NYC the following weekend and was also going to be in Vegas 3 days before this race for a girls trip.

My husband had dinner with one of my friends, who was registered for the Santa Cruz Half, and had told him that they were surprised I wasn’t running it.  My husband than came home and told me to register so he could actually have friends to hang out with for a change while I was running.  (For those that don’t know my husband he is not a runner and not really into races and already thinks I’m half crazy.)  So the fact that I had my husbands blessing for a race I immediately registered.  I am so glad I did!

photo 5

The weather was perfect in the 50s the whole time.  The course winds along the coast.  It is for the most part an out and back course.  The turn around point was in Wilder Ranch State Park.  It is a beautiful open coastal park with old barns on the property.  Most of the course is paved except for the 3 or so miles in the park which is trail.  I didn’t PR (not even close).  I wasn’t feeling at the top of my game due to some some lingering exhaustion from my girls trip, but I still had a very enjoyable race.  Running past the lighthouse with the fog starting to burn off  was gorgeous.


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It was one of the most beautiful courses I have ever run.  It was a smallish race.  I believe just a little over 5,000 runners.  Women almost doubled the men, as usual at a half .  The registration fee was relatively inexpensive too.  Only $60 when I registered a couple weeks before the race.  I would definitely run this race again and recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it.

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Yes, that is my 3 year old chowing down on frozen yogurt in the back seat 🙂

What is the most beautiful course you have run?


  1. Casey White | 18th Apr 13

    Oh, I wish I could also participate in this marathon. The pictures are great. Running near the ocean is amazing and so inspiring.

  2. Jindy | 20th Apr 13

    This was the same day as RnR San Francisco so I missed it. On my list for next year!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 20th Apr 13

      I heard RnR San Fran was a fun race. I’m planning to do SF in June, just can’t decide on 1st or 2nd half marathon…..or maybe doing the full.

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