San Jose Sharks 5k Recap And A Shiny New PR!

San Jose Sharks 5k titile

Sunday, June 29th I ran the San Jose Sharks Fitness Faceoff 5k.  I had ran the race last year and set my 5k PR.  I ran the 2013 race in 24:52 and was hoping to beat that time.  I have been trying to work on my speed, but I don’t run 5ks often and wasn’t sure how my shorter distance running was impacted. (I’m normally a longer distance runner)

Sharks 5k bib

The race started at 8:15am. The Zamboni’s were out at the decorated starting line which I thought was super cute.

Sharks zambonis

SJ Sharkie, the Shark’s mascot, was also out.

Sharks 5k SJ Sharkie

I wore my INKnBURN Patriot tank to celebrate the 4th of July that is just around the corner.  I paired it with one of my Athleta run skirts.

Sharks Patriot Tank

It was a pretty warm morning.  It was in the 70’s.  I felt good, but slept horrible the night before.  I wasn’t really sure how my body would react.  Since it was a family race it was a free-for-all for lining up at the start line.  I tried to position myself close enough to the front to be able to actually run.  I had to bob and weave a little in the beginning, but the course was nice and wide.

I ran the first mile in 7:57 and realized that beating my PR was a possibility.  There was one water stop along the way, but I didn’t stop.  I just kept going and going.  I didn’t slow or stop until I crossed the finish line.

Sharks medal

23:57!  I took almost a whole minute off my PR time!  I couldn’t believe it.  Never in my life did I imagine I would ever run under an 8 minutes mile…let alone multiple miles.  It feels really good to see that my hard work is actually paying off.

Sharks 5k results

I took 4th in age group which for me is REALLY good.  The race bling for this race is great.  The medal is good quality and big.  I had a blast and highly recommend the San Jose Sharks Fitness Faceoff 5k.

San Jose Sharks medal

I love the joy of a new PR.  How about you?


  1. beautea97 | 1st Jul 14

    AWESOME job and Congratulations on the PR!!!

  2. runfunfood | 1st Jul 14

    Woohoo!! Yay for PRs!!!

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