Running Meaningful Miles At Comrades Marathon in South Africa

When I got an email from Ryan Cavinder telling me about his incredible new journey of running the Comrades Marathon in South Africa with a goal getting 54 children sponsored through World Vision I instantly had a smile on my face. What an amazing way to make miles even more meaningful. The 54-mile, uphill ultramarathon is the largest and oldest ultramarathon in the world. What struck me was this “For 10 years, I have run for myself. My God-given love of running has been used for nothing more than trying to be faster, run longer and feel better. It’s time I use this gift to bless others.” 

Ryan is an incredible human being. I met Ryan because he worked at Conqur Endurance Group, which puts on events such as the Los Angeles Marathon. He is always so kind, funny, and an all around great person to have as a friend. Remember when I got to go to Italy and run the Venice Marathon? That incredible email came from him. He gave me so much advice, help, and the best gelato recommendation a person could ever get. (If you are ever heading to Florence let me know and I will share that info with you).  Over the course of the next 11 months, Ryan will train for and then run the Comrades Marathon. This is a run with a purpose to take on 54 miles to get 54 kids sponsored through World Vision. 

You can visit Ryan’s blog about this journey at and learn more about sponsoring a child. You can also follow along on his Instagram page (@ryancavinder).  

I have always felt that running for charity and to help others brings extra meaning to miles. I encourage runners to go after their big goals like Ryan.