Running at a higher elevation day 2.

I’m still at my mom’s up near Lake Tahoe.  Elevation 5500ft.  I am also still in the middle of my Runner’s World Run Streak (Memorial Day to 4th of July) Along with that I am also training for a bunch of races starting in August with The Giant Half Marathon SF, Lululemon Sea Wheeze, and runDisney Dumbo Challenge at Disneyland.  The first day I was here I ran 5 miles and the beginning was significantly more difficult, but after about a half mile I felt great.  The weather was also perfect which helps a lot.  After I got back to my mom’s I had wished I ran further because I had a lot of energy left.  The next day I knew I wanted to do a few more miles than 5.  It was a little windier out which on the way out was at my back and it felt good.  The last half of the run I was running against the wind and that was a little tough, but I still felt pretty good.  I ended up doing 8 miles in mostly an out and back with a few loops thrown in.  I was definitely ready for some water and food when I got back to my mom’s.  After I do a lot of running up at this elevation and return back to my home at sea level I feel like I could run for days.  It is such an amazing feeling.

Not my fastest 8 miles, but pretty happy considering it was at a higher elevation, there was no walking, and kept a pretty steady pace.

On a side note, they have the most amazing sunsets up here and the skies are so beautiful.  This is a painting my mom did of the skies.

My mom use to paint for a living when I was little, but now it is just for enjoyment.

Do you live at a higher elevation?  Have you ran a race at a higher elevation?