Running in a Heat Wave

It has been pretty toasty where I live.  A couple days ago we drove up to the Tahoe area for the week and it is pretty toasty here too.  I’ve been trying to go running early, but unfortunately not as early as I would like.

photo 1

It was already 82 at 7:15 this morning.  I headed out wearing my Running Skirt instead of my crops.  The bunnies were out in full force this morning.  They are the cute tiny ones and it is so fun to watch them bounce around as I run by.

photo 3

My strategies for running in high heat:

  • Hydrate hydrate hydrate
  • Go out as early as I am able in the morning.
  • Sunscreen
  • Try to pick a shadier route to run instead of a sunny sidewalk.
  • Listen to my body.
  • When all else fails hit the air conditioned gym and run on the treadmill.

photo 2

I got in 4 miles which was what I set out to do.  It certainly wasn’t my fastest 4 miles, but pushing yourself in heat is never a good idea while training.  I made sure to drink my Nuun to help me stay hydrated.  Have you entered my Heat Wave Giveaway yet to win some Nuun of your own and a Nathan Fire & Ice bottle?  Here is the link for the giveaway.

  photo 4

I am running the Swagtastic Virtual Half Marathon this week and I need to run it either July 4th or 5th, so with this heat I will probably try to get out there to do it by 5:00am.

Who else is running a race this week?