Running Costumes

When entertaining the idea of a running costume make sure you think about the comfort of it while running the distance of the race.  I usually wear a little something even if it is just a Team Sparkle skirt for runDisney races.  I made the mistake of asking my 2 year old what I should dress up as for the Disneyland Half Marathon 2012.  She told me Rapunzel, so of course since I’m a half crazy mama I did it and wore very heavy hair and a lizard on my arm.  My daughter LOVED it though so it was worth it.  Always test your costumes before you wear them for a race.  Take a test run in them to make sure they stay put and there is no chaffing.  My daughter has now told me I should dress as Alice In Wonderland for my next race.  I am going to try doing a practice run in a blonde whig so I can get an idea if it is possible for me in a race.  I would love to hear about costumes that my fellow half crazy mamas have worn.  Happy running!



  1. Jen | 25th Apr 13

    Great blog! I’m running the Disneyland half for the first time this year. Thanks for telling your experience. I wanted to hear about that. How the course was, etc.


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