Running Costume Tips

It is always fun to dress up a little for a race.  Before you head out make sure you test the costume so it won’t cause you pain along the way.  Here are some tips:

1. If you are wearing a tutu make sure you test the length.  I’ve seen a lot of homemade tutus ditched along courses.  The length is super important because if it is to long it can bunch up between your legs in your thigh and “nether” regions if you know what I mean.  Take a couple laps in your tutu and make sure that doesn’t happen.

2.  Body glide, vaseline or whatever you use for anit-chafing, be sure to put that on areas where your costume can rub on your skin.  It may not bother you at mile 2, but at mile 12 it sure can.

3.  If you are wearing wings take a spin around in them.  Some wings are so top heavy that they can bounce and be quite annoying.  Try pinning them upside down on yourself.  This often solves the problem, but still looks really cute.

4.  If you are running a race, especially in hot weather, and your costume is one of those polyester Halloween costumes you might want to think twice.  You can over heat really easily in one of those.  Here is my post with some simple ways to make a costume from running clothes.

5.  If you are wearing a wig or head piece you may want to wet your hair first before you put it on.  This can help keep you a little cooler.

6.  Never wear a costume you have any doubts about it.  If you doubt the comfort, fit, heat, chafing ability or anything else about a costume the answer is usually YES it will happen.  😉

7.  Think twice before you use the “color hairspray”.  Remember you sweat and it will run all over you, including your face.  I have seen this happen A LOT!

8.  Have fun! The whole point of wearing a costume is to make a race even more fun, so don’t forget that 🙂

Good luck!


  1. Lacey@fairytalesandfitness | 7th Jan 14

    Great tips! I’m in the process right now creating race costumes for Disney’s PHM weekend!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 8th Jan 14

      Can’t wait to see what it is!!! 🙂

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