Did a runDisney race sell out before you got a chance to register?

If a runDisney race sold out before you got a chance to register don’t start the pitty party quite yet!  There are a couple of ways to gain entry to a runDisney race.  Check with the travel operators and the charity groups.

The travel operators have race entries to sell to you along with your travel accommodations, so check with them about getting race entry and your hotel all in one swipe.  I have personally booked through GET Travel quite a few times and couldn’t be happier with my experience.  To find the travel operators go to the specific event (i.e. Wine and Dine, Princess Half, or whatever race you want) on runDisney.com and then click on registration tab.  On the tabs that come up underneath you will see “Travel Operators”, these are what you want to go through.  Again, the only one I have personally used is GET travel. Here is their direct link for their runDisney events: http://www.gettravel.com/rundisney/

Another great option is to run for a charity group to gain entry.  The list of charity groups is in the same area of the runDisney event as the travel operators.  The charity will have a minimum dollar amount you have to guarantee to raise.  If you aren’t able to raise that amount you have to secure it with your credit card and that will make up the difference in the amount.  When I have ran for charity I get so many people cheering me on that are total strangers.  It is an amazing feeling to run for something more than just yourself.  Here is another post I wrote with more info about choosing and running for charity. Run For Charity


 Have you ran for charity and if so do you have a favorite that you have run for?