runDisney Princess Half Marathon Race Recap 2015

I ran the the 2015 runDisney Princess Half Marathon as the second part of my Glass Slipper Challenge.  I made my run costume and for this race showed a little bit of my villain Disney side.  Since I have already dressed as almost all the princesses I figured Ursula would be fitting for the race.  I was flying home the same day and the Magical Express was picking me up at 10:45am from my hotel, so I knew I needed to be done running, on the bus to hotel, showered, packed, and outside by 10:45.  The Princess Half started at 5:30am.  There is something about the fireworks at the start that really gets the adrenaline pumping.  

FullSizeRenderThe first characters along the way are always Captain Jack and Barbosa.  I didn’t stop since their line was really long.  Right by the Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza was a collection of princes.  They had a long line, but I had to stop.  I love the soundtrack that they have playing every year with them.  Remember from Footloose the “I need a hero” song?  Yep that one and Salt’ N Pepa’s “Whatta Man”.  Awesomeness…

FullSizeRenderA selfie at the toll plaza.

FullSizeRenderIn the Magic Kingdom parking lot I waited in THE LONGEST LINE EVER for pictures with my people, a.k.a. other villains. 

princess villainsWe entered the Magic Kingdom which is of course, everyone’s favorite part.

FullSizeRenderBuzz was in Tomorrowland, but again I was a little concerned about time.  I had to pick and choose the lines I would stop for.  Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb were near the Teacups and the line was very short, so I stopped for that one.

Princess tweedlesLook they actually got a picture of me coming out of the castle!

princess running down castleI really loved running in the Ursula costume.  A ton of ladies loved it and asked about how I made it.

princess castleWoody was in Frontierland.  Surprisingly, his line was really short.

FullSizeRenderSleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip were in the backstage area right before you exit Magic Kingdom, but again the line was long.

FullSizeRenderNear the Grand Floridian was Mary Poppins and I grabbed a selfie while running past.

IMG_7944Along the road I found Genie in his vacation clothes!!! I was so excited.  That line is one I gladly waited in.

princess geniePrincess Sofia was backstage right before we entered Epcot for the finish.

princess sofia

I felt great during this race and really enjoyed it.  My favorite part about the runDisney races is the people watching.  I will gladly run for 2 hours just to watch all the fun costumes that people come up with.  

princess finishI earned my Princess Half medal and my Glass Slipper Challenge medal for completely the 10k the day before and the half.

princess medalI made it back to my hotel, showered, packed, grabbed some snacks and successfully got on my 10:45 Magical Express shuttle.  The faces behind me on the Magical Express definitely show the mood of people leaving Disney World.  No one ever wants t leave.

IMG_7961Did you run the Princess Half?



  1. Rebecca | 4th Mar 15

    This was my first half! I ran with a group of 7 other girls and it is tough to all stay together! I would definitely do it again! We didn’t see Buzz though and Snow White and her prince were in the backstage area when we came through, not Aurora! Love your blog!!!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 5th Mar 15

      I can only imagine a group of 7 would be hard to keep together! Congrats on your first half!!!! That is awesome!!!! I’m glad you love the blog 🙂

  2. Jennifer LE (@runningwithpugs) | 5th Mar 15


    I love that costume – so cute and creative!

    I wish I had the presence of mind to grab selfies like that while running. I just lose my head completely in race situations and never think to do it.

    I will run Princess one day. I am on track for one runDisney event a year, so we will see what 2016 brings.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 5th Mar 15

      All the runDisney races are great in my opinion. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Keep me posted on which one for 2016 you choose. 🙂


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