Just an FYI: runDisney Does NOT Allow Bib Sales or Transfers

I’m writing this post in hopes it saves some people a little heartache.  runDisney DOES NOT allow bib sales or transfers and if you are caught you can be banned and no one wants that to happen.  I have seen a lot of chatter on Facebook and Twitter about people selling or wanting bibs.  DON”T DO IT!  I have also seen “search terms” about how people ended up at my site that are looking for info about bib sale or transfer.

Contact runDisney if you are unable to race.  Sometimes you are able to defer your entry to the next year, but never buy or sell a race bib.  If you really want to run look into the charity groups that offer entries into sold-out runDisney races.  Than everyone wins!

Here is the link to the runDisney website.  Click on the event you are looking for and click on registration on the tab bar.  It will than give you a chance to click on charity groups.

Have fun and good luck!  Every mile is magic 🙂