runDisney Avengers Half Marathon Race Review

I think all those super heroes in one place must have angered the Gods or something because the wind was INSANE! I will start with that.  Despite the crazy wind I still had a fun time running the inaugural runDisney Avengers Half Marathon.

I dressed as Mrs. Incredible, the most kick butt mom super hero ever!  


You can read my recap from the day before when I ran the Avengers Super Heroes 5k here.  Most of the characters were the same as that race.  This would be my only complaint.  The course for Avengers is only in the parks for around 2 miles.  That is less park time than any of the other Disneyland races.  

Lightening McQueen and Mater were in Cars Land.  


Thor (who I would like to be my super hero boyfriend) was just outside Cars Land.


Hawkeye was near Soarin, but I didn’t stop.  All the Avenger character lines were very long.

Black Widow was in Frontierland.  I seriously need to work on my super hero poses because I look like a total goofball (more so than normal).


The 7 Dwarfs were riding the carousel in Fantasyland. I love bashful 🙂


But first a selfie in front of the castle.


Mickey and Minnie were a highlight for me and they were near the hub on Main Street.


Captain America was at the end of Main Street before we headed out of the park.  His wait time was estimated at 30 minutes when I was going to stop.  The wind had started at this point and I waited for about 5 minutes and started to shiver, so I decided to forget Captain America and keep running.

The wind on the surface streets was bad.  It was kicking up all the debris which made looking ahead hard.  I was covering my eyes a lot of the time and staring at the ground. When we got onto the trail that runs along the aqueduct and takes us to Angel’s Stadium it was REALLY bad. It was like being sandblasted.  Along the trail was a large group of cosplay characters who were awesome!  They cheered us on despite barely being able to stand in the wind.


We made our way through a windy Angel’s Stadium and out in the front parking lot was more cosplay groups.  They were (I’m guessing) World Ware II re-inacters.  Their costumes were amazing.


The poor volunteers manning the water stations had their hands full…literally.  The water, tables, cups and pretty much everything was trying to blow away.  I felt so bad for them.  

I made it to the finish line and we were instructed that they had closed the family reunion area due to the high winds being a danger with the tents, so if we had gear checked to quickly retrieve it and exit the area.  


Despite all of the wind I still had a good time.  I love any races I can run at Disneyland.  This race was the weekend right after I swam, I mean ran, the Wine and Dine Half at Disney World.  Around mile 10 I was debating with myself if I would rather run in the rain again or the extreme wind and I decided the rain. You can read my super wet Wine and Dine Half recap here.


  1. Jennifer LE (@runningwithpugs) | 4th Dec 14

    Oh, man. I was really bummed that I wasn’t able to be at this race, but that wind looked brutal! It looks like it was still fun, but it had to be rough.

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  3. Kristy | 11th Jan 15

    Where did you find an Incredibles tank at? Thanks!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 13th Jan 15

      I actually bought a red Athleta tank and there is a store at a mall near me that can print whatever you want on a shirt and I had the logo put on 🙂 Hope that helps!

  4. Trina B | 10th Mar 15

    How didi you feel energy wise after doing both in a week? Also do you think it would be possible to eat all the awesome disney food at both locations and not fall over in a heap whilst running?

    • Half Crazy Mama | 11th Mar 15

      I have done it quote a few times, so I felt great. If you train for it you will be fine. I did the Dopey Challenge and then Star Wars 5k, 10k and half marathon the following weekend and felt great after that too. Have fun!!! I definitely enjoy Disney food while there, just don’t over do it until after the races are done 🙂

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