runDisney Avengers Captain America 10k Race Recap- Part 1 of Infinity Gauntlet Challenge

I almost didn’t go.  I will start by saying that.  I had been traveling every weekend before this for 4 weeks.  I had come down with a bad head cold and I was just going to write it off the Avengers race weekend.  Driving 6 hours to Disneyland, getting up at 3:45am and running a 10k and a half marathon just didn’t sound good a couple days before the weekend.  I had told friends I was coming.  Well, believe it or not, it was my husband who actually talked me into it.  I’m glad I did because we had a lot of fun and we got to see the Christmas Parade.  My little monkey ran her kids race and got another medal and the whole family was happy.  It was a win win.

IMG_9772Back to the Avengers 10k.  I got up at 3:45am.  I put on my Her Universe Thor dress and headed over to the race.  The race started on time at 5:30am.  

FullSizeRenderThe 10k course was basically the same one as the Disneyland 10k.  I really like the course.  Basically the first 2 miles are outside of the park and then the last 4 are all park miles.  The 10k course actually has more inside the park miles than the Avengers Half Marathon course does, just an FYI.

IMG_9816The first character we came across was Thor inside California Adventure.  He is my not so secret man crush.

IMG_9817I stopped for a sunrise picture with Mickey’s Fun Wheel and the World of Color fountains were going.

IMG_9818Next was Black Widow in the Hollywood area.

IMG_9828Hawkeye was near Small World.

IMG_9829We got to run through the castle.  Another FYI, for the Avengers Half Marathon you don’t run through the castle.

IMG_9830Captain America was in Frontierland.

IMG_9840The last mile is exiting out through the backstage of Disneyland and running through Downtown Disney to the finish line.  I had a really good time.  It was great to see friends and my head cold didn’t bother me too much. I ran back to the hotel after the race to get my little monkey and head to her kids race that was at 9:00am.  

IMG_9872She had a great time at her race too.

IMG_9911The 10k is definitely the “pro” about the Avengers race weekend and the half marathon course is definitely the “con” in my opinion.   The next morning I was getting up to run the Avengers Half Marathon to finish my Infinity Gauntlet Challenge. 

You can read Part 2 of my Infinity Gauntlet Challenge, my recap of the Avengers Half Marathon here. 

Did you run the Avengers 10k?