My first run of the New Year!

January 1, 2014.  It is very weird to write 2014!

I started off the new year on the right fun, no pun intended, and went for a great run.  I’ve been having my ankle issues and have been wearing an ankle brace the past few weeks.  The problem with the ankle brace though is I can’t wear it for anything longer than 5-6 miles without it rubbing and causing a blister.  So today I didn’t wear it to see how it would go.

I had my daughter in the jobbing stroller, all 36 lbs of her, and headed out around the hills in my area.  Between the hills and the jogging stroller I got a pretty good workout in.  I took it easy on my ankle, but it felt good with no brace.  That makes me really happy since I will  be running the Dopey Challenge next week.

It was also a successful run because my daughter fell asleep!  Woohoo! Nap time in the jogging stroller is always a plus.  Notice she is wearing her glass slippers. haha

I got in a little over 7 miles to kick off the New Year. Did you get in a run today?


  1. Vanessa | 2nd Jan 14

    No out door running for us in Ohio. 7 plus inches of blowing snow and near zero degrees! Working out on treadmill today. Looking forward to Florida next week!

  2. Leslee | 2nd Jan 14

    Did get out and enjoy this gorgeous 65 degree weather!! Although the weather is wonderful we certainly could use some rain!!!
    Glad your injury is healing well…

  3. ashley | 2nd Jan 14

    YAY! Awesome way to start 2014! 🙂

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