Run On The Golden Gate Bridge- Across the Bay 415k Discount Code

Do you want to run a race that takes you across the Golden Gate Bridge?

Represent Running is a San Francisco Bay Area race series and one of their races does just that! Across the Bay 415k is July 14, 2019. They offer 2 distances, 12k and 5k. The 12k takes you across the Golden Gate, which is always a really fun race experience.  

Check out the new medal for 2019! 415k Medal

Want to run Across the Bay 415k? Use race discount code REPRESENTEC for a discount on registration! YOU CAN REGISTER HERE.

Represent Running offers races all over the SF Bay area including Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco, throughout the year.

If you like to run more than one, they also have cool challenge medal programs for certain combinations of races. Click here to look at all Represent Running’s races

Way to earn race challenge medals:

Represent Running Challenge Medals

I have ran all the Represent Running races and they are always a lot of fun. New this year they have partnered with Decathlon stores, who also make the all the race tech shirts. The shirt colors have been fantastic this year as a result. The medals are always great. They added quite a few ways to earn the challenge bonus medals this year.

The Shamrock Run in downtown San Jose was new this year and I had a great time running this St. Patricks Day themed race. Because I live in the South Bay Area, I love that 3 of their races are in San Jose. The 408k, Shamrock Run, and Silicon Valley Half Marathon are all located just 10 minutes from my house. The nice thing about the Bay Area though is that it is only 50 minutes for me to get to San Francisco and Oakland for the other races. 

Have you ran a Represent Running race before?

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