Roam & Wander’s DiDi and TuTu Review and Giveaway

I was given product to review for this post and to giveaway. This is a sponsored post.

Roam & Wander have created two toys named DiDi and Tutu.  DiDi the bear is powered by your iPad and TuTu the rabbit is powered by your iPhone.

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TuTu and DiDi are both soft plush toys that have a zipper compartment for your iPhone or iPad.  Once you download the app and start it they tell you what they need or want and interact.

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TuTu is currently available and all you do is download the app once you have the toy.  You start the app, insert your iPhone or iPad into the zipper compartment on the toy and that is it.

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My daughter loved that when I loaded the app on my iPhone, put my iPhone into TuTu and when TuTu “woke up” TuTu said she was thirsty and my daughter used her accessories to give her a drink. There are 5 fun Magic Touch™ add-on toys that kids use to feed, brush teeth, give milk and play games. My daughter thinks brushing TuTu’s teeth is hilarious.

didi tutu toothbrushIt is like a fun iPhone app has come to life. TuTu can actually tell the difference of what you are trying to give her.  For example, if TuTu says she is thirsty and you hold the apple up to her she says she isn’t hungry.  It is quite amazing.  My daughter loves playing with them.  I knew I had a reason for keeping my old iPhone lying around.  I downloaded the app onto that and put it into TuTu.

DiDi the bear needs help being “brought to life” and currently has a Kickstarter campaign going that ends May 21!  Learn more and see the Kickstarter campaign here.  Can you help them cross the finish line and bring DiDi to life?

I have a giveaway for one lucky reader to win both TuTu and DiDi!  Enter below in the Rafflecopter widget.  Must be 18 or older to win.  iPad and iPhone not included.
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Want to learn even more? Here is a fun YouTube video about them.


  1. Doug Mathews | 11th May 14

    My daughter would love one of these. I got a 50/50 shot at winning. I will either win or not 🙂

  2. Rosie | 13th May 14

    I am a speech therapist and it is great for language building! Awesome product!

  3. Abigail | 14th May 14

    My kids love all things iPad! They like watching videos on Youtube, music from Pandora and all sorts of Apps

  4. ddjk2011 | 20th May 14

    My daughter loves her Ipod touch

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