Reminder: NYC Marathon Lottery

Ok running friends, this is just a friendly reminder that the NYC Marathon lottery is currently open to apply.  It closes February 17th and the lottery will take place March 2.  You can click here to apply.  You don’t get charged unless you get picked in the lottery, in which case your credit card on file will get charged $255 if you are a NYRR member and $295 if not for the marathon entry fee. I had an absolute ball running the TCS NYC Marathon in 2015.  I would love to do it again.  It is such an amazing experience that I encourage every runner to do. 

Here is how the lottery works:

The TCS New York City Marathon brings together a diverse field of runners from the NYC area and beyond. The non-guaranteed entry drawing helps preserve the geographic diversity of the race.
The entries available to non-guaranteed applicants will be filled through three drawings (“Drawings”) to be held this year on March 2, 2017, one in each of the following applicant pools:

1. “NYC-metro area” applicants (i.e. residents in and within 60 miles of New York City)

2. “National” applicants (i.e. U.S. residents outside of the NYC-metro area, including Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories)

3. “International” applicants (i.e. non-U.S. residents)

Here are the details from NYRR of how many people were selected for the TCS NYC Marathon in 2016:

After completing the Drawings for the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon, 19,083 runners were added to the field from a total of 82,172 applications. In 2016, approximately 23% of NYC-Tristate Drawing applicants were selected (5,967 runners); 23% of National Drawing applicants were selected (8,656 runners); and 23% of International Drawing applicants (4,460 runners) were selected. Thus, the pool of runners accepted through the Drawings was made up of 31% Tristate (a geographic area similar, but not identical to, what is now called “NYC-metro area”), 45% national and 23% international applicants.

Across all entry methods, guaranteed or non-guaranteed, approximately 41% of accepted runners came from NY, NJ, and CT. This includes individuals who gained guaranteed entry through several methods, including, but not limited to, NYRR’s 9 + 1 program, Charity Teams, etc.

Good luck!