Registration for Nike Women’s Marathon San Francisco Random Draw Opened Today!

Did you know that at the Nike Women’s Marathon SF you get a Tiffany’s necklace as your medal!?!?! Seriously!

Here are some of the past Tiffany necklaces that were the finisher medals.


Today, June 3rd 2013, marks the opening of the random draw for registration.  It is a lottery system to be able to run the race.  You can enter the lottery as an individual or a team.  The cost for the marathon is $200 and the half marathon is $175.  The registration for the random draw closes June 14, 2013.

The date for the Nike Women’s Marathon San Francisco 2013 is October 20th.

For more information and to register for the draw here is the website:

Will you be entering the random draw for a chance to run NWM 2013 in San Francisco?  If so are you registering as a team or individual?


  1. Kristen @ The Smith Summary | 3rd Jun 13

    Not this year but I’m REALLY hoping to enter the lottery for this one next year; it’s on my bucket list!!!

  2. Summer @ Running with Pixies | 3rd Jun 13

    I’m on the fence. I almost signed up as an individual and then backed out of the system. I have several friends setting up groups and was told that most individuals don’t make it in so I’m not sure which way to go, or which group to join.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 3rd Jun 13

      I have also heard that it is easier to get in as a group than an individual, but that might also be because I know more people in groups that have got in. On the flip side though, last year the people I know that applied in groups didn’t get in, but the few individuals I know got in. It is probably a pretty equal system I would think as far as the ratios. Good luck!!!

      • Jen | 6th Jul 13

        I was sent a “Congrats” email for being chosen but was told it was an error… The nerve.. And they said It was my fault. My fault for entering? No, my fault for my email setting up as an HTML email…??? WTH?? Did this happen to anyone else?

        • Half Crazy Mama | 6th Jul 13

          What?!?!? I haven’t heard of that. How horrible. I got the email saying sorry we didn’t pick your name.

  3. Maggie | 12th Sep 13

    Even half finishers get the necklace?

    • Half Crazy Mama | 12th Sep 13

      Yes Nike Half Marathon runners get Tiffany necklaces too 🙂

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