How To Register For The Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend

Ok, June 10th is the day that the runDisney Star Wars Half Marathon weekend events open for registration.  The early registration sold out in minutes, so be prepared to be fast.

Registration opens at 9:00am PDT (Noon EDT).  HERE IS MY TIP: You want to be already ON the runDisney website by then.  Keep refreshing the page until the links come up at 9am.  The Rebel Challenge sold out first in the early registration, so most likely this event will sell out first with open registration.

Once you go to the runDisney Star Wars event site here, then click on “registration” tab.  Refresh refresh refresh my friends!  If you don’t get in there are always charity and travel provider bibs available.

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Makes Its Intergalactic Arrival at Disneyland Resort in 2015

Good luck all and I’m not a Star Wars fan, but may the force be with you.