One of my Refrigerator Staples- Lemon Cucumber Water

Hello my name is Emelia and back in the day I was a big time soda drinker, I admit it.  I love water, but sometimes I need something with a little flavor.  I keep a pitcher in my fridge that is my secret weapon.


Every 2 days I cut up one lemon and one cucumber and put it in the pitcher.  I then fill it with water.  For me the key is that it sits in the fridge getting nice and flavorful and really cold.  As I drink the water I refill water into it to keep it full.  I sometimes even drink it out of a wine glass to make me feel real fancy 😉

It is super easy to do, delicious to drink and can help cut cravings for beverages that aren’t very good for us.  (Even my 4 year old loves the water)

What is your drink staple in your fridge?


  1. saida | 17th Apr 14

    This sounds like a great idea! I always used to love making my own rose-water – it reminds me of my childhood! 🙂

    Saida xx

  2. Kristen @ The Smith Summary | 17th Apr 14

    That looks amazing; I love having fresh fruit in water to give it some flavor! I need to do this at home.

  3. beautea97 | 20th Apr 14

    Well this just made me drool! Definitely going to give it a try… I too believe having healthy choices at the fingertips makes it so much easier!

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