Realization about the NYC Half Marathon

In less than 2 weeks I will be traveling across the country to run the NYC Half Marathon.  This is a bucket list race for me, so I am super excited.  I am starting to think about what I want to wear for the race and it hit me…it could be REALLY cold and possibly snow?

Every time I turn around lately my poor friends in NYC are shoveling snow.  I just figured that the race was the middle of March, almost spring.  Cold, but not snow right?  I could be very wrong.  I live in Northern California, where it isn’t unheard of for me to run in 30+ degree weather, but certainly not much colder than that.

Time to think about some fleece line tights perhaps?


  1. BillB | 5th Mar 14

    Hopefully it will be mid 40 but if it is not having gloves that keep your fingers warm & let you manipulate your phone are a must & worth playing around with. A hat or at least ear warmers/headband especially if it is below 35. layering is important but i would be more concened with the post race change, how close will you be to the hotel or a place you can get out of the wet layers & into your post race outfit, nothing worse than being covered in cold sweat & having to wait to change, the worst. If your other half is flying with having him at mile 2-5 to grab your warmup jacket or top layer is great, if not my last race in the 30’s i just tie it around my waist for the last half. If it is really cold, wool socks, no joke, life savers as important as gloves, totally worth packing if you dont need them all the better 🙂 Have an awesome time, great race & enjoy the City 🙂

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