Questions My 5 Year Old Asked Siri and the Answers Siri Gave

funny_siri_questionsOk, so my daughter has ALWAYS had a weird obsession with wanting to talk to Siri.  Maybe it is because she’s an only child, or maybe her parents use Siri to often…I don’t really know?  A while back I wrote a post about how Siri almost caused our divorce.  Lately I started taking screen shots of Siri’s answers to my 5 year old’s questions because some of them are just entertaining.  The only downside is that since it is my phone Siri says “Emelia” all the time and Lily, my 5 year old, is bothered that Siri hasn’t learned her name yet.  I hope that Siri doesn’t hold any of these questions against me and make my phone do crazy things.  Here are some of my favorite questions and answers.

1.  I am pretty sure my 5 year old has asked every person this question…even the guy who plays the according on the street downtown.  She gave Siri a really weird look with this answer though.

IMG_29622.  Apparently Siri is a little lushy…

FullSizeRender3. Wow Siri!  Impressive answer to this question.  I think my 5 year old was hoping you would say Dolphin Tale 2 though.

FullSizeRender4. My 5 year old must have heard me talk about how annoying Barney is…and then she was confused by Siri’s answer…FullSizeRender5. Was that an insult?FullSizeRender6. My daughter declared it must be brussel sprouts and chardonnay.  Smart girl!FullSizeRender7. I’m allergic to avocado, so my 5 year old decided that Siri must be also because of this answer…FullSizeRender8. And another confused look by my 5 year old…FullSizeRender9. My daughter keeps asking me questions about the upcoming presidential election…primarily why the Republicans have so many people who want to be president. Funny, I have the same question.  I don’t remember even knowing (or caring) about any of this when I was 5?
FullSizeRender10.  Now Siri’s kissing up…FullSizeRender11. Ummmmmm, but she just said that I was her favorite person?  Now this?  Typical…

FullSizeRender12.  I’m guessing this is because she is to busy telling everyone where to go and dialing phone numbers.  She doesn’t have time to meet a Mr. Siri…
FullSizeRender13. My daughter is 5, everything is about age and favorite color these days…don’t get mad. FullSizeRender14.  She seems a little…fake.FullSizeRender15.  Apparently my 5 year old isn’t cool enough to “know”…FullSizeRenderTo finish this post, if you have never asked Siri what 0 divided by 0 is, do it.  You’re welcome. 🙂


  1. beautea97 | 1st Jul 15

    These questions are great! Thanks for the chuckle… 🙂 As a matter of fact, I did ask Siri what 0 divided by 0 was – LOLing!!!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 2nd Jul 15


  2. Diane | 2nd Jul 15

    I think our daughters are very similar. My kids figured out how to bypass my passcode by asking Siri to open things for them. Of course I had to ask about 0/0. Hilarious.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 2nd Jul 15

      These kids are too smart! It makes me scared for the teenage years. Lol

  3. L.J. | 13th Dec 15

    You should ask why firetrucks are red

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